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High Efficiency Wood Fired Water Heaters


ThermoFire wodfired water tank heater is engineered
to heat up small storage tanks or tubs, and boosts water
temperature in aquiculture, hydroculture, and stock tanks.
Installation next to the tank allows the water to be heated as
it flows from the tank, through the ThermoFire and back to
the tank. ThermoFire features the Turbocone heat exchanger,
and circulation is achieved either by natural convection or by
using a circulating pump. The water is rapidly heated in the
loop between the tank and the Thermofire.
Hot Products, Inc. warrants that it's woodfired water heaters shall be
free from defects in material and workmanship under proper and normal use
for which it was intended for a period of (10) years from the date of purchase.
Products returned under warranty must be with prior authorization us, freight prepaid.
Volume capacity: 3gallons
Production: 1-2 gal/min.@+50F rise.
Firing time: 12 minutes
Fuel consumption: 1cubic foot/hour+-
Stoking time: 3-4 stokes/hour
Firebox: Turbocone, 12" x 20"
Tank: unit construction, #16 steel
Corrosive protection: hot dip galvanized
Height: 34"
Diameter: 15" overal, 12 1/2" tank
Standard waterways: ¾" T & P valve-top back
Thermosiphon: upper hot & lower cold
Waterways: 1 ½" NPTF both sides 16 1/2" apart/3/4" top hot
Door opening: 3 1/2" height x 5 1/2" width
Fuel size: up to 2" x 4" x 10"
Door assembly: 1/4" plate steel
Front door assembly: 1/4" Plate steel
Door: cast iron 1/2", hinged insulating spring handle, 3/8" x 11"
Grate: steel 3/8" x 11"
Chimney: 4" solid fuel, standard flange
Chimney damper: cast iron, built in, ¼" shaft
Asphan: #16 steel, powder coated
Temperature/Pressure: watts regulator 100XL/3/4"
Relief valve: 210 F/125 PSI - installed
Operating pressure: 0 to 75 PSI
Test Pressure: 150 PSI
Weight: 92lbs. Net, 112 lbs shipped
Shipping dimensions: 18" dia. X 43" ht. Tank 12" x 15" x 7" components
Tank insulation: 1" polyurethane foam
Firebox insulation: 1" ceramic fiber blanket
Finish: Powder coat ruby red
Price: $630.00
+ $90.00 UPS
Base with
storage space
Price: $200.00
+ $30.00 UPS
elevates the firebox of
AguaFire and ThermoFire
to a convenient height
of 30" 16 gauge steel
28 lbs.
Chimney kit
Price: $190.00
+ $20.00 UPS
The kit has everything
needed to make a typical
chimney run from a water
heater inside a room to
the ceiling or wall. Made
of 4" single wall UL
Listed 24 gauge stainless
steel. Includes two 24"
straight sections, one 19"
to 34" straight slip
joint, two adjustable
elbows, a 4" to 6" increaser,
and a 4" chimney adapter.
Whenever the chimney
goes through a wall or
ceiling, triple wall
class A all-fuel chimney
kit must be used.
9 lbs.
Fire poker
Price: $50.00
+ $10.00 UPS
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