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Deva 100 Wood
The Deva 100 cookstove ushers in a new era in wood-fired cookstoves. From its durable enameled cast iron surfaces as well as the nickel and chrome details to its ceramic glass cook surface and user friendly controls, it is a wood cookstove for your family, today.

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Generous 2.47 cubic foot oven

The oven is 17.25 inches wide, 15 inches high, and nearly 17 inches deep – large enough to cook a 20 pound turkey, or bake a couple of batches of cookies and a cake with ease. The oven door’s large window allows you to easily monitor the cooking process.

Vitreoceramic cook top

Modern convenience and style, easy to keep clean, efficient heat transfer.

1.6 cubic foot firebox

Holds up to 32 lbs. of wood. The Deva 8220's deep firebox allows use of logs up to 17" in length.

Single oven temperature control

Oven operation is simple, easy to control and consistent. The thermometer is located in the center of the oven’s window for easy visibility, and precise temperature control. Dual unit thermometer shows Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees.

Single air-intake control

Stove operation is easy; performance more consistent.

Non-catalytic combustion system

No catalytic combustor to maintain.

Top or Rear exit flue

Allows for additional placement options.


  • Metallic Black Pedestal Base or Legs
Deva 100 Wood
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